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Hitman Job
Do you have a gun and want to earn some quick money? How about you call Lester, he may have some jobs for you if you know what I mean 😏. Be sure to call using a public phonebox or get your hands on a cheap anonymous burner phone.
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Vehicle Burglary
Are you looking for a quick way to make some money? How about breaking into a few cars and looting them? Just be sure to be discreet and take all necessary precautions to avoid getting caught
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Ambulance Job
In this tool, users take on the role of paramedics who react to calls from hurt NPCs in the game environment. Using simple tools and abilities, they carry out assessments and offer medical aid. If necessary, they use equipment like warm blankets and adrenaline injections to stabilize the NPC's health. The NPCs without a heartbeat may need CPR. Once the NPC is stabilized, the player drives them to the nearby hospital, which is noted on their map, and they get paid for the service. With the use of their medical and driving skills, players may use our ambulance job script to save lives while also earning money.
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