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We are Verse - a team of professionals developing on the FiveM platform for over 2 years. We provide the best support possible - we guarantee a reply within 12 hours.



Valet Job

Valet Job

Ambulance Job

Ambulance Job

Wheel Theft

Wheel Theft

Hitman Job

Hitman Job

Vehicle Burglary

Vehicle Burglary



Police Complaint

Police Complaint

Cayo Perico Shops

Cayo Perico Shops

About us

Verse, formerly known as P33t Scripts, originated in mid-2022. The creators, P33t and tpeterka1, have been active on the FiveM platform since 2020. Drawing from their experience, they have made their own servers utilizing the ES Extended framework alongside custom scripts. We are based in the Czech Republic. We prefer quality over quantity, that's why we release a resource every few months.


When we were building our own FiveM server and needed support from the creator, a lot of times we didn't get a reply, even after days of pinging them. This will not happen with us, we guarantee a 12 hour reply. If it's day for us, we reply almost instantly. We have a team of dedicated support members who will assist you. We have provided a FiveM server to them so they can debug and try repoduce your issue.

What others think


    Awesome script, well written and executed. Provides more things for our Ambulance and fire crews to do when no citizens are dying. Plus allows them to actually RP out different scenarios based off the peds and their injuries. Kudos to the dev on this script, def worth the buy! Thank you.


    Great customer service! Team was able to get me the information I needed to help integrate this into another script I am using. Appreciate the support and quick response!


    Absolutely banger scripts, Every script works without any errors and is highly recomended


    I expected this to be some kind of fun to integrate as, tends to be the experience with most scripts. This thing is plug and play and the medical staff on our server was so happy to have something to pass the time with on our slow times. Giving the player the ability to mess up and actually kill the npc is quite genius and gives people more roleplay options. Highly Recommend!


    Good support and good script. Will go perfect with our server!


    I got a problem with CodeM Blvck HUD who don't relieve the stress... Under 1 Hours Peter Helped me Perfectly and provided a new Client side who i can use properly now - Thank's you a lot !


    I need to make some changes on the script and peter open some source of the script to help me nice script and nice community


    I only give several words, they are professional and great, have no doubt with them


    Very good! Very fast service and helped me to resolve the problem


    They have the best customer service I've received so far. Other places have been rude or don't even respond. Or even make you pay for help. 10/10 Service I'm definitely keeping there subscription in my server.


    Excellent scripts and awesome support and fast reply! Love it 🔥


    Very easy to get done. Loved working with and WILL again!


    very quick for help, was right there ready to help with anything and everything i needed!


    Had a few questions to ask before purchase and these guys respond instantly, helpful and fast.


    Support speed and quality is great...the free rock paper scissors is a cool ass script


    Had a question on the location of an MLO and the support was very fast and helpful.


    reply was very fast, even no need to wait Best support ever seen before ! btw, cant wait anymore to give my money to them for new cool scripts!


    Go buy their scripts, they're great, they're the best!


    What can I say, I had a problem with one resource and a problem was solved.


    Had trouble getting the script to work and the support team was really patience with me and helped me figure out a solution. Now the script is working fine.


    I honestly had gotten use to other devs doing the little effort on doing new integrations but we worked on this for days even when I was at a point of assuming its not going to be an option, he still made it happen! Will be looking into other scripts they offer now for sure!

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